Marty Morgenstern, Secretary
State of California Labor & Workforce Development Agency

Marty Morgenstern was appointed by Governor Jerry Brown as the Secretary of the California Labor & Workforce Development Agency in January, 2011. This is an executive branch Agency, and the Secretary is a member of the Governor’s Cabinet. The Agency oversees seven major departments, boards and panels that serve California businesses and workers. The Agency has a cumulative budget of $26 billion and 14,000 employees.

Morgenstern has a long record of public service. For almost 50 years he’s been involved in labor and workplace issues. He has represented both labor and management at the bargaining table. He has been a neutral, serving as a member of California’s Public Employee Relations Board and as Chair of the Center for Labor Research and Education, U.C. Berkeley.

Morgenstern twice served as Director of California’s Department of Personnel Administration, once in the first Jerry Brown administration and again for Governor Gray Davis.

The Labor Agency, which he now heads, was created in 2002 to ensure that California businesses and workers have a level playing field to compete and prosper in one of the most dynamic economies in the world. The entities under the Agency support workforce training and apprenticeship programs, enforce and educate the public on labor and occupational safety laws, offer state disability, paid family leave and unemployment insurance benefits, oversee the state’s workers’ compensation program, provide job services, mediate public sector contract disputes, provide employment-related information and statistics, administer union representation elections for farm workers, and collect payroll taxes.

Having attended a public university, Hunter College of The City University of New York, on the G.I. Bill, Morgenstern has long believed that government is truly here to help, and there is great value in public service. He and his wife reside in Oakland, California.