Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development Acting Director Releases Joint Statement with California Labor Secretary on April Employment Numbers

May 22, 2020

Sacramento, CA – Following the California Employment Development Department’s (EDD) release of the state’s employment data from April, the Acting Director of the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development, Chris Dombrowski issued the following joint statement with California’s Labor Secretary, Julie A. Su:

“The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our lives. We have gone from a record low unemployment rate to a record high. As Governor Newsom has said, this is our collective sobering reality, and without additional assistance from the federal government, the very programs that will help people get back to their lives and get back to work, will continue to be impacted. 

California’s core character is unchanged: we are innovators at heart and so are our economy and workforce. Employers, workers, and customers will all need to play a role in ensuring that we can put Californians back to work safely. We will continue to work together to safely reopen our economy, which requires that employers create a site-specific plan to ensure worker and public safety.”