Future of Work Commission

On International Workers’ Day, Governor Newsom signed an executive order (PDF) establishing the Future of Work Commission.

Governor Newsom announced the leaders from technology, labor, business, education, venture capital, and other sectors across the state who will make a substantial commitment to serve on the engaged and action-oriented Commission. The Governor has also tasked California Labor Secretary Julie Su, Chief Economic Advisor Lenny Mendonca, and Senior Advisor on Higher Education Lande Ajose to help lead the Commission’s work.

The overarching goal of the Future of Work Commission is to develop a new social compact for California workers, based on an expansive vision for economic equity that takes work and jobs as the starting point. The Commission’s primary mission is to study, understand, analyze and make recommendations regarding:

    • The kinds of jobs Californians could have in the decades to come.
    • The impact of technology on work, workers, employers, jobs and society.
    • Methods of promoting better job quality, wages and working conditions through technology.
    • Modernizing worker safety net protections.
    • The best way to preserve good jobs, ready the workforce for jobs of the future through lifelong learning, and ensure prosperity for all.

The key questions guiding the commission are:

    • What is the current state of jobs and work in California?
    • What factors have created these conditions?
    • What is our vision for work and jobs in the future?
    • How can we chart a path to reach that vision?
Future of Work Report Cover

Future of Work Report

The Future of Work Commission presented its final report to Governor Gavin Newsom. The Commission called for the creation of a new Social Compact for work and workers in California by 2030.


Appointed by the Governor, Future of Work Commission members help create inclusive, long-term economic growth and ensure Californians share in that success.

Public Meetings

View the meeting schedule, agendas, and additional information including discussion topics and supplemental information.

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